Jerzy Petersburski Jr.

Pianist, composer and satirist. Author and host of television programs.

His first piano teacher was his dad. At the age of four he composed his first musical miniatures. Together with Jan Kobuszewski he hosted TV shows such as “Kawa czy herbata”, “Nowozency”, “Macie co chcecie”. Since 2014, he has been the author and host of the programs “Petersburski Music Show”, “Dwie stolice”, “Gra Warszawa”.

As a pianist and composer, he composes songs, also for children, e.g. for Junior Eurovision, but also music for the films “Show”, “Znak Miłości”, “Szpiedzy w Warszawie”. He performs with his band PETERSBURSKI JUNIOR BAND. The world premiere took place in St. Petersburg.

For many years he has been a member of jury of song festivals in Poland and abroad. He also conducts music workshops.