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Gdynia OPEN 2021 — Link to the Music Video

Gdynia OPEN are two song contests for young vocalists in the age of 3 to 25 years old.

Song contests are carried out by Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury w Gdyni (Youth Community Centre ) and in cooperation with Social Innonations Laboratory.

Our aim is to support young vocal talents from Poland and abroad as well as to promote youth activity, also the development of their music,artistic passions, intersts and talents are of great importance for us.

Mini Gdynia OPEN  is a provincial (voivodeship) song contest for children and youth from 3 to 18+ (open) , during which paricipants can get qualified  to Gdynia Open – International Song Festival for Children and Youth.

Details in the regulations

Gdynia OPEN Festival is the international song contest that has been carried out since 2014. This year it is also the online edition.

Details in the regulations

We invite you to participate in our contest.

You are very welcome to join us !   


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Jury of festival

Jury of the Gdynia Open 2021 International Song Festival

Katarzyna Cerekwicka

Obecnie zaliczana do grona najlepszych polskich wokalistek...


Łukasz Zagrobelny

Wokalista. Jeden z najlepszych męskich głosów w Polsce...


Kamil Bijoś

Wokalista, aktor dubbingowy, muzyk sesyjny. Jeden z wokalistów zespołu/chóru Sound’n’Grace...


Jerzy Petersburski Jr.

Pianista, kompozytor i satyryk. Autor i prowadzący programy telewizyjne...


Wanda Kwietniewska

Wokalistka, kompozytorka, autorka tekstów, założycielka i liderka zespołu Banda i Wanda...



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